Our mission is to make sensor pads and personal alarms for the elderly that are easy to use and stay in service! By building in reliability and durability, we ensure our products work to prevent accidents and protect lives.

Our commitment to you as a valued client begins with our first visit as we demonstrate our fall prevention alarms, pads, and non contact infrared thermometers to prove we manufacturer "Best in Class" products available on the market today.

To Name a Few Features of Our Alarms:
  • Alarms can be used with chair pads, bed pads, seatbelts, or pull tabs.
  • Adaptable and can be integrated with nurse call systems.
  • Rugged design for drop and static protection!
  • "Always On" feature supersedes an on/off switch to ensure greater safety.
  • Built-in low battery indicator.
  • Strain relief battery cover is secured, moisture-proof, can't be lost, and requires no tools.
  • All Alarms are assembled in USA

To Name a Few Features of Our Pads:
  • No expiration date on pads! Comes with a Three Year Warranty against Manufacturer's Defect.
  • Pads can be folded or bent and will not affect the warranty.
  • Specially reinforced and bonded cord connection will not pull out!
  • The cord length can be customized and reinforced to meet your special needs.
  • All Pads are made in the USA

We reccomend you trial our Products for two weeks at no cost to you!
Personal alarms for the elderly

Personal Alarms for the Elderly

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